Wednesday, September 7, 2011

While relearning what I forgot to remember I found some new stuff with the old

A great form can be easily ruined with the wrong finish. You have to listen to the form and not force the wrong glaze or a bad application onto the pot. Seems silly to listen to a pot but I find it necessary and true. A pot can be a utilitarian form or a 3 dimensional canvas both of which, if you don't study and evaluate the pot, it's form and essence, if you don't listen as the potter, you can erase the pot's voice with a bad finish.

So I practice, testing glazes and have mixing combinations of old oxides, fluxes, and other glaze components to formulate my own. Perhaps the glaze and the pot will choose themselves? If I could only listen that well.

Glaze triangles combine 3 products in different ratios to see what they create.
I look at each glaze dot with a magnifying glass to catch any imperfections,
then mark my choices to expand further.

Mixing measured dry portions in specific amounts then
applying them to a new tile.

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